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In The Beginning...

When I was a child in the mid-60s, an elderly German lady lived in our neighborhood in Odessa, Texas. She walked a dog like I'd never seen. I could hardly see its feet. She always let us pat him and spoke German to him.  I was astonished at the language and at his short legs, but moved on not realizing the extent of my love for dachshunds until 30 years later when I fell in love with a red longhair miniature in a card shop in Mandeville, Louisiana.  Her name was Heidi and she was from Atlanta, Georgia.  I thought all dachshunds were fat with very short hair and “brown!”  Heidi was refined with almond shaped eyes and a long silky coat and an elongated muzzle with delicate, but sturdy feet and legs.

Two months later, while walking through a hotel lobby in New Orleans, I passed a lady with two black & tan longhairs on a double leash.  I watched their movement across the lobby floor and was smitten.  I bought my first and then my second within two months of each other.  Then purchased one to show, which was not in any way close to being show quality!  (I had a lot to learn)

In 2003, I ventured back into the show world - slowly, still not very successfully, but I was determined.

My dream has always been to show and breed “true to the breed” type, ready and able to perform in the conformation ring and eventually in the field.

I do my best to achieve healthy pups, by only breeding healthy parents.  Testing for the basics, brucellosis, PRA, and hips/patella and socializing using the “sevens” and following Dr. Carmen Battaglia’s theory of neurological stimulation results in healthy, happy, well-adjusted and confident puppies!


A special thank you to a lady named Lisa, who started my dream by giving me my first dachshund, Allie (pictured above).

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